Thursday, September 13, 2012

eBay Redesigns Its Logo

The colors are still more or less the same, but eBay's iconic logo has undergone a significant overhaul today. Gone is the disorderly letter arrangement, an artifact of late 90s exuberance about the web (which you might still observe in Yahoo!'s brand identity), replaced by a much more staight-laced and rigid arrangement. Though no longer overlapping, the letters are still touching, which is intended as a subtle representation of eBay's "connected and diverse" community.
Company President Devin Wenig has written an introduction to eBay's new logo, extolling the evolutionary changes the company has undergone in the decade and a half since its previous brand identity had been introduced, and presenting the new design as striking the balance between eBay's proud history and aspirations for a "cleaner, more contemporary and consistent experience." The new logo will be rolled out across eBay's web properties from October.

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