Friday, March 15, 2013

Dropbox Acquires iOS Email App Mailbox

New email app Mailbox, which was launched by Orchestra last month, has been acquired by Dropbox. In a post on the company’s blog, the Mailbox team said that this acquisition was about accelerating growth for Mailbox.
Dropbox, the team from San Francisco who helps over $100M people bring their photos, docs, and videos with them anywhere. They’re a profoundly talented bunch who build great tools that make work friction less  and Mailbox fits Dropbox’s mission like a glove. Plus, they've got a ton of experience scaling services and are experts at handling people’s data with care. In short, Dropbox is our kind of company.
Orchestra was adamant that Mailbox would not be going away, and that this move was primarily about scaling to meet demand as fast as possible. With the Dropbox team behind Mailbox, those still waiting in line to use the app could see that wait decrease dramatically. This acquisition might allow the Orchestra team to improve on and expand the app sooner rather than later.

Source: Mailbox

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