Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Google Rumored To Be Working On Read It Later Service Called "Stars"

Looks like Google is working on its own read-it-later service, and it may be very similar to the bookmarking feature that’s built into Chrome right now. It’s said to be called “Stars” and currently being distributed to Google employees for testing (aka dogfooding). 
Stars allows a user to star links and will also automatically sort those links into smart lists and categories. It’s basically a smart read-it-later service. This service is being said to include its own Chrome extension to help users more easily save links.
Since Stars already being tested by Google employees, this service sounds like it’s already far along in development, and it may debut at Google I/O in just a few months. 
What do you think of this Stars service, will you give it a shot and ditch Pocket or similar services? Leave your comments below!

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