Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Google Voice Gets A Redesign, Rolling Out Now To iOS

Google announced that Google Voice would be rolled in to G Suite and showed off a redesigned app during Google I/O. The new Google Voice is now rolling out to iOS devices.

“Calls” is now the first tab in the bottom bar. Followed by a new “Contacts” section that provides dedicated access to your address book, “Messages” is now the third tab with, “Voicemail” still at the very right. There is a quick shortcut for adding new contacts at the top of the list, with the addition of edit existing contacts. 

The Contacts and Calendar based DND is limited to enterprise G Suite accounts. Regular and free Google accounts will continue to see Messages as the first tab followed by Calls and Voicemail. Keypad is the fourth tab, while the Calendar integration does not appear in Settings for non G Suite users.

Version 18.33 is rolling out now to iOS. Meanwhile, Android users can expect the Google Play Store update likely to hit soon.

Source: Apple App Store

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